Card Condition Guide

The Card Conditions we use are -

Near Mint, Excellent, Good, Light Play, Played and Poor.


A Near Mint card looks like it has never been shuffled or played with without sleeves.

Near Mint cards generally show no wear upon first glance but upon futhur inspection small allowances can be made - the borders can have one or two small white edge dings or marks but they must be very small and very few. When inspecting the card under light the surface can have a few minor spots or very tiny scratch marks but must generally appear clean.

Cards with no imperfections and cards with these tiny flaws are both considered Near Mint.

Here are some examples of Near Mint Cards -



An Excellent cards look like it has been used for a few games without sleeves.

Upon first inspection it is clearly visable that the card is not in near mint condition however, although the damage is clearly visable it is only of minor severity. 

Excellent Cards may have more surface or holo scratches, they may have more edge dings which can be more in number and slightly larger, the corners may also show general wear signs however the card cannot have creases. 

Cards with one or all of these imperfections are all classed as Excellent cards.

Here are some examples of Excellent Cards -



A Good card looks like it has been used for multiple games without sleeves.

Good cards may show strong wear around the corners, the edge dings and surface/holo scratches can be multiple in number and even abit of dirt or light creasing but it cannot have bends or water damage.

Here are some examples of Good Cards -



A Light Played card looks as if it has been used without sleeves for a long period of time.

Light Play cards show even stronger wear around the corners, edges and surface as well as many white dings and scratches alot with the possibility of abit of dirt or moderate creasing however, it cannot have an inked border or any pen marks.

Here are some examples of Light Play Cards -

*Images Coming soon!*



A Played card looks as bad as you can get a card through regular use without sleeves.

A Played card looks really bad, it shows very strong wear around the corners, edges and surface as well as a large amount of edge dings and scratches.

It can also have an inked border, random pen marks as well as heavy creasing, bends and water damage. 

Here are some examples of Played Cards -

*Images Coming soon!*



A Poor card has damage that cannot be from normal gameplay.

A card in Poor condition can have all of the already listed faults as well as being almost destroyed. It may of been for a trip in the washing machine or another horrifying card crime.

Here are some examples of Poor Cards -

*Images Coming soon!*


Trading Card Returns/ Card Condition Disagreements.

We have been selling trading cards for a long time and unfortunatley in this business there are alot of scammers and exploiters just waiting to take advantage of unlucky buyers and sellers. 

To protect ourselves we:

  1. ALWAYS post signed for over £20 and immediatley update tracking.
  2. High value cards are video packaged so they cannot be swap scammed. Sometimes we also mark our items with an ever changing symbol using invisible ink pens to ensure this.
  3. Cards are always sent in toploaders with teambags so it is almost impossible to receive a card damaged in the post.
  4. If we suspect foulplay, your details will be reported and recorded to - Action Fraud, Shopify, Paypal, Official Scam site for certain TCG game. Your account will be banned and black listed and all major social media pages will be alerted to your details.

Geniune mistakes can happen and disagreements should be able to be sorted through our Card Grading System, we follow this strict grading system because it works for thousands of people on Card Selling Platforms around the world, our rule of thumb is that a 10% refund of the card's value should be adequate compensation for genuine mistakes on cards that are one grade difference.